Emotionland is a special project for tweens
(8-12 years) and early teens (13-15 years) that is created to help them understand and manage their emotions, develop soft skills and self-regulation.
Understanding and navigating your emotions is a key for emotional development and essential for maintaining good relationships, effective learning and good mental health.

Children (and adults) who don't learn to process and manage feelings well can get 'stuck' emotionally and may find it hard to deal with everyday challenges.

Good news! Emotional literacy is a set of skills that can be developed and for sure will be important every day in life. It's not a gift or talent.

emotional literacy
self-regulation skills
healthy self-esteem
SOFT skills
Main challenges
  • Emotional literacy
    Knowing doesn't mean practicing. We all know what it's like to feel an emotion. Everyone in the world has feelings all the time but not everybody notices them. Quite often we try to supress and ignore them and we don't develop the skill to express them in helpful ways (and appropriately to situation).
  • Mixed feelings
    Children often face challenging and even conflicting feelings - just as adults do. And - just as they can be for adults - these feelings can be confusing and difficult to handle. And support is very much needed both to kids and parents.
  • tWeen age
    Not as loud as 'terrible two' or rebellious as 'teen age' and that's why considered to be not very demanding in terms of parents' attention, unfortunately. This 5-year period is full of physical changes and emotional challenges that a lot of kids don't know how to talk about.
  • TEEN age
    They are preoccupied with themselves as they are developing a sense of self, but they are also scrutinizing their own thought processes and personalities. They also believe that their thoughts and feelings are unique, doubting that others could possibly understand what they are experiencing.

Although the language of emotions is universal there is NO one-size-fits-all program that works for everyone to learn and develop it.

That's why I offer a range of tailored programs created for your age, challenges, desires, etc.
  • For individuals
  • For kids groups
  • For schools
  • For parents
  • individual workhops

    • live and online meetings
    • special program for kids with ADHD

    50 min
    90 CAD per meeting
  • group

    • emotional literacy club for tweens and teens
    • problem-solving workshops
    • discussion club for teens
    • girls'only club
    • boys' only club
    1 - 1,5 hours
    25 CAD per meeting
  • programs for schools

    • monthly "Emotional Health Hour" sessions for different grade levels
    • "emotional literacy program" tailored for specific classes (3 months)
    • discussion clubs for tweens and teens (weekly, byweekly)
    • workshops for teachers on professional activity (PA) days

    prices vary according to the type of program and number of particpants

  • program for parents

    • group support workshops for parents (offline and online)
    • private support consultations (offline and online)

    group workshops - 1 hour, 40 CAD
    private consultations - 1 hour, 130 CAD
In our CLUBs the center of attention is a CHILD,
her/his emotional world, challenges, dreams,
soft and problem-solving skills development


group for girls 10-12 years old who are learning to build healthy relationships with themselves, struggling with friendship challenges and it feels like they behave like teenagers sometimes

when: Tuesdays 6 - 7 pm girls 10-12 years old

where: Swansea Townhall (95 Lavinia Ave)
cost: 25 CAD per meeting

what parents, kids and teachers say
  • It's a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to explore pre-teen emotions. She was encouraged to explain emotions with images,shapes and colors. This created a unique opportunity to express her feeling in an environment with a great instructor. Great for her self confidence and lesson she will be able to apply as she matures. Thank you Katya.
    Teodora M
    mom of Nicole (7)
  • This project sounds amazing! It is definitely something that is needed amidst the craziness of our world today!
    It should definitely grown into a great program that will be welcomed by the community and beyond.
    Andrew C
    Creativity Encourager (and a father of 2 tWeens)
  • I love being in Emotionland. The topics we discuss are very interesting. I also love the feeling that I am with my friends and I live the location for our workshops itself. We could lie on the floor, move, draw, even sit under the table if we need to. It is fun!
    Jacob (8)
  • I like our meetings so much because there are no right or wrong answers! They are just OUR answers. I also like the music that’s playing at the background and how you talk to us, the tone of your voice. I like that we can draw how we feel without strict instructions. I want to come more often!

    Zoia (8)
  • Yasha finds it quite difficult to share his emotions and put them into words, but after each meeting with Kate, he proudly told me that he experienced sadness and then felt joy inside himself. This is truly wonderful and important. I am very happy that I found Kate and her emotional land for our Yasha.

    Moreover, Yasha brings home a beautiful orange folder after each meeting, containing everything they did carefully and lovingly + recommendations for parents on what else can be done and what to talk about. It's delightful!
    Lana M
    Yasha's (8)  mom
  • “The tween years deserve some attention. There are so many challenges and tough relationships to navigate. Kate has devoted herself to being a protector of the emotional wellbeing of these complicated young people.”
    Lisa W.
    Public School teacher (25 years of working with kids)
  • I worked with Kate in life coaching within 3 month program. It was soft but lead to very tangible results.

    Now I choose individual classes of Emotionland program for my daughter to share with her by experience of external support.

    I want to my daughter to see how impostant it is to be familiar with your feelings and talk about them with an trustworthy adult. Not a oerent, or a friend.

    Even after one month working with Kate my daughter has become more attentive to state. She may recognise when she is tired or hungry. There were not common things for her before

    I see how her personal space is growing and she is starting to navigate it and manage her feelings.

    Anna D
    Sonya's mom
  • This project gives kids opportunity to explote their emotional world and understand how important it is to be in contact with your feelings.
    The skill of managing emotions ia a solid inner foundation that people rely on. It means staying connected with your essence and living your life using full potential.
    What is also important Kate's project supports and guide adults too. Navigating emotional world of your children and your own is a challenging journey so you need to have a guide who is sincerely interested in your and your kids development. Kate is undoubtly the right person for that.
    Julia Sh
    Gestalt therapist, specialist in children-parent relationships (and a mom of 2 teenagers)


afternoon retreat

Just pause and admit: we get tired, stressed and overwhelmed, we feel lonely sometimes and we NEED our quality ME TIME for our own sake and the sake of our loved ones.
Don’t you agree?

Here is the plan:

  • Cozy space where you are seen and heard
  • Women just like YOU who care and want to feel more relaxed and energised
  • Relaxing and mindfulness practices
  • Gentle guidance by a life coach and a mom of two

WHEN: SATURDAY 2 – 4:30 p.m.

27 April

25 May

WHERE: Swansea Townhall (95 Lavinia Ave)



workshops for thoughtful parents

Being a parent is about having a SUPERPOWER and RESPONSIBILITY to raise a human being.

But first of all, we are PEOPLE who need time and space to rest, vent, recharge, get support, talk about challenge, be seen and heard.

If you want to make your parenthood more empowering  than demanding, gain confidence in your parent role and learn how to improve relationships with your kids.

11 April (Thursday) at 6 – 7:30 pm in Swansea Townhall

My name is Kate and I’m an emotional guide in EMOTIONLAND.

I am also:

  • a Life Coach for moms and sensitive people (400+ hours of practice)

  • a former school teacher and organizer of after-school activities

  • a mom of two - daughter (who is in her tween age) and son who is exploring ‘fournado period’ of his life.

  • a highly sensitive person. I’ve always been like this just nobody knew this term in my childhood. And I clearly remember my confusion about feelings and emotions when I was a child.

Type of program/event


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